Artists and Testimonials

tina bartle 250

Taking lessons with Yvonne was the best thing for my music career. Not only does she know her stuff, but she's very caring and supportive of her students. She came to nearly every gig I did and even helped me land performances too.

The techniques she taught me for singing through your mix, belting, and achieving a strong head register are the same techniques I use today and are extremely helpful for all types of singing; Yvonne helped me develop my voice and realise what I wanted to sing, from musical theatre through to indie pop, rock, and folk.

I would not be the musician I am today without her guidance and invaluable teaching.

paige forster 250

I improved so much working with Yvonne, I always felt completely comfortable in her studio, and she offered so much support, clarity and warmth in her teaching style.

I would not be the singer, song writer or performer I am today without having had her guidance.

Tiah Guillot 250

Yvonne has been a huge inspiration to me on so many levels, she has helped me learn to love and embrace my voice and challenge me to see my true potential and reach goals beyond what I thought was impossible.

With her warm, welcoming and fun energy she makes you feel at ease and supported in being your complete and ultimate self during a lesson and on stage.

She is professional, dedicated and with her extensive amount of knowledge in correct vocal tools and technique, vocal placement, stage presence and vocal health she has helped me  grow and build in the confidence I needed to shape me into the artist and performer I am today.

ella white 200

I have learnt so much about my voice over the years. Yvonne has taught me so much more then just correct vocal technique.

She has taught me to follow my dreams, to keep trying, to take every opportunity and beyond. Yvonne teaches in such a fun and different way, she is so encouraging.

Yvonne is now so much more than a vocal coach to me, I know how to use my voice to it’s fullest potential and continue to learn more every time I have a lesson.

My singing journey would never have been as amazing as it has been if I didn’t have Yvonne.

jordy mcmillan 200

Yvonne is an exceptionally knowledgeable vocal instructor! I found the SLS method incredibly useful when I was working on expanding my range and building my stamina, this has been so helpful when doing multiple shows in a day whilst on tour with my a Cappella group; Drums of War. She is also amazing at looking at a singer as a whole and taught me so much about stage craft and telling stories through song. She is warm and encouraging and makes you feel more confident after each and every lesson. I wouldn't bother seeing any one else in Gippsland!

Jordy McMillan is an integral part of Hip Hop/R&B A Capella band - Drums of War.

  • Australian National A Cappella Champions 2015
  • Asia-Pacific A Cappella Championship League 2nd Place, 2016

drums of war

beth anderson 200

Yvonne has always been a huge support with all the vocal challenges I have faced over the years.  She has also helped me overcome my fear of performing.

Yvonne has been an amazing inspiration and helped me reach my goals. Her knowledge and techniques have helped me grow as a singer.

I  have a lot more confidence in myself. Thank you so much for everything Yvonne xx

megan mathewson 200

I started singing with Yvonne at quite a young age and ever since the beginning I have felt welcome and comfortable at her studio.

Over the years, she has offered me so much support. She has helped me not only with amazing singing and song writing techniques which have helped me advance as a performer but helped me grow into the confident person I am today.

Her passion and encouragement has inspired me to become the best l can be.

riley walsh 200

I started singing with Yvonne when I was only 7 years old. Yvonne has taught me to sing correctly using the right vocal techniques. I'd focused on developing my skills and finding "my own voice".

From my early beginnings, learning basic techniques to now beginning university to become a Music Producer, the skills I learnt with Yvonne are invaluable and essential to any aspiring singer.

jen backman 200

Yvonne's warm and caring approach to her lessons have given me a confidence I have never had before - not only with singing, but personally.

I have found her classes fun but challenging and goal oriented, seeing steady and consistent improvement in my vocal capability.

Thank you Yvonne for welcoming me into your musical family! xx

robin johnson 200

Before l started lesson with Yvonne my voice was weak and airy and l lacked confidence.

Now l have a strong voice and l am very confident.

Yvonne is an excellent teacher and a great friend, her teaching methods are quick, effective and fun. And l love her!

paula hammond 200

After only a few singing lessons with Yvonne l was already receiving feedback on my enormous vocal improvements.

Yvonne has taught me the correct vocal techniques required to use my full vocal range correctly, which has inspired me to be more versatile and creative.

Yvonne is a great teacher and lessons are not only thorough and direct but always lots of fun.

edyn sommerville 200

Going into singing lessons with Yvonne, there is never a dull moment! Yvonne is very fun, and  caring.

Seeing the dedication and passion that goes into her singing school from a students perspective just makes us want to strive to not just make ourselves and our families proud but, Yvonne too!

lucy pallot

Yvonne's teaching techniques are quick and effective. She is straight to the point. She doesn't stop until she gets results. Her encouraging attitude towards things, her support and love are what gave me success.

Her overall charisma as a person is amazing. She goes out of her way to help you, and she always goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. I love what Yvonne has done for me. Yvonne is an amazing woman and teacher.


Since I started learning with Yvonne, I’ve improved my vocal range and quality, and most of all my confidence.

Yvonne took me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and I’m hitting higher notes that I thought I simply wasn’t able to do.


Working with Yvonne is a pleasure because although she has been teaching and performing for a long time, and is very experienced, she also still loves it. I have always felt very unsure about my singing and since starting with Yvonne, her encouraging attitude and diverse teaching methods have given me much more confidence.

Luke - Drummer, Singer, Advanced Diploma of Music