Sing with Friends
What better way to start singing than with your friends 

" I really enjoyed starting my career singing in a group, learning basic skills singing as a trio with my 2 best friends, it was fun. Today l am pursuing my dream in Musical Theatre. If it weren't for Yvonne, I would not have been able to do it."

Sing with friends is a great way to start if you feel a little shy, you can start your singing journey with your friend, brother/sister or cousin!

These classes are excellent for building vocal basics such as,

  • pitch
  • ear training for harmonies
  • diction
  • breath control
  • vocal range and
  • musicianship.

They are also excellent for building self confidence and making new friends.

Your first step to a solo career could be here. 

Ages 11 – 13 years

Limited to 3 students per class