Singing in the Mix

Singing in the mix is by far one of the most difficult registers to master as a singer. This doesn't mean that it is impossible, it simply means it takes practice and patience. Every voice is different and I've taught singers that very quickly develop a strong singable mix and others, due to a lot of variables take a lot longer.

Singing in the mix is the commercial pop sound we hear on the radio today, however mix singing has been heard in music halls and used by singers for many many years. It adds vibrancy to tones and has a “ cutting edge” sound to it due to the resonating cavities working together, it has the sound and strength of chest voice but the comfort of head voice.

The Connecting Resonator

The pharyngeal voice is the connecting resonator for the chest and head voice, it blends the head voice downward by mixing with it the bottom resonance and the chest voice upward by mixing with it top resonance. Understanding the three main resonating cavities that form the resonating channel as well as having a freedom in the chest and head voice are firstly required if you are to begin to merge and join all registers.

The Three Main Resonating Cavities

Starting at the bottom, the first resonating cavity is in the lower throat, this is where chest voice is experienced. Next and above that is the mouth, the pharyngeal resonating cavity, this is where the mix, middle of pharyngeal voice is felt. Next and above that is the resonating cavity of the skull, this is where the head voice is felt. There is one more small resonating chamber above the pharynx, the sinus cavity, felt when we use the French nasal sound "Ng".

Connecting Chest, Mix and Head

Learning to navigate your way through these resonating cavities, connecting the chest, mix and head can only be achieved when using correct vowel shaping and vocal chord co-ordination. Once mastered you will be able to effortlessly move through your registers without any noticeable changes in sound, quality or volume giving you a blended, extended range capable of singing all your favorite songs with power and confidence.

Singing in the mix is experienced surprisingly easy with the correct guidance, however it does take time and practice for it to become a workable, singable part of your every day repertoire.