A Little About Yvonne 

Yvonne began singing at her local church at the age of twenty one and started studying Classical and Bel canto Voice not long after. She has been in the music industry for four decades in which time she has performed in Musical Theatre, numerous duets, bands and performed as a solo artist singing anything from Classical, Pop, Country, Blues and Jazz.  Currently Yvonne performs Jazz with a small ensemble of expert musicians. 

Over four decades Yvonne's career has touched on just about every aspect of the music industry. All of this took a back seat once she commenced teaching voice,three decades ago. 

Yvonne's studio is one of the Largest Private Singing Schools in East Gippsland, drawing from her years of teaching and her study of world renowned pedagogy's such as Classical, Bel canto, Speech Level Singing and Estill Voice, Yvonne's teaching techniques and knowledge of the voice are invaluable. She knows how to get the results you are looking for as a beginner or advanced vocalist.

Lessons With Yvonne 

In your very 1st Vocal Lesson Yvonne will:

  • Discuss your goals and desires and explain to you how, together they will be reached.
  • Identify your voice type and assess your overall vocal health and ability. 
  • Pinpoint any undesirable habits that are not conducive to good vocal technique.
  • Immediately begin to formulate the correct counteractive scale and vowel combinations. 
  • That will initiate improvement as you begin to experience “release” through the bridges giving you a connected voice from chest to mix to head.

Experience release 

Yvonne's gift is being able to quickly identify and immediately formulate exercises that allow you to feel release into areas of your voice that you may not yet have experienced. These carefully constructed exercises almost trick the voice into experiencing higher notes with ease, allowing you to sing the big power ballads, whilst extending your vocal range by releasing through the bridges.

Often before realising it!

"Yvonne is the only music teacher I've had with the knowledge and clear instruction of how to properly 'sing in the mix'. 

"Yvonne's teaching techniques are quick and effective."

"Yvonne is an inspirational singer and teacher that can recognise my strengths and weaknesses."